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Black WOW™

Black WOW™Prepare to be WOWed…with Black WOW™!

Black WOW™ is a proven, matte-finish trim restorer product that amazingly restores your exterior auto trim to its natural color without using dyes or colorants. Black WOW™ instantly restores the original color to trim, and restores the dark, even color to trim. Black WOW™ provides a rich, long lasting look.

Black WOW™ was invented by a world-class show car detailer Richard Lin, aka OctaneGuy. Black WOW™ was formulated by Lin's father; an award-winning scientist who saw the need for a better product for restoring worn and faded plastic auto trim to its original showroom look.

Black WOW™ was designed to look better, work better, and last longer without resorting to messy colorants and dyes. Depending on your environmental conditions and frequency of washings, Black WOW™ can last several months before reapplication. It only takes seconds to apply.

Any vehicle with dark trim, from MINI Coopers to Toyota Tacomas, and Jeep Cherokees, will benefit from the restoring action of Black WOW™ Trim Restorer and Pre-WOW™ Trim Pre-Cleaner.