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CCS Euro Foam Hand Polish Applicators

CCS Euro Foam Hand Polish ApplicatorsBuffing pad technology is now available for hand detailers!

CCS Technology isn’t just for buffers. Now you can detail by hand and still get the benefits of CCS Technology. Your applicator will glide over the paint surface thanks to the reduced surface tension of CCS Euro Foam Hand Polish Applicators. These applicators put CCS Technology in the palm of your hand.

CCS stands for Collapsed Cell Structure. It refers to the pockets of closed cells that cover one side of the CCS Hand Polish Applicator. These CCS Pockets reduce surface tension (the grabbing effect that occurs between two flat surfaces). With less surface tension, the hand applicators will glide over the paint more easily, allowing you to give your vehicle a neat, even coat of wax or polish.

The CCS Euro Foam Hand Polish Applicators also reduce the amount of product you use when detailing. The closed cell structures do not absorb products. Excess polish or wax will pool there until it’s needed on the paint surface. Then it will be absorbed by the surrounding open celled foam and dispensed onto your vehicle. The science behind this simple design is what makes the CCS Euro Foam Hand Polish Applicators really unique and effective detailing tools.

The CCS Euro Foam Hand Polish Applicators are available in three varieties of foam:

Orange Light Cutting Foam Hand Applicator – This imported European foam pad is made of high density foam with small cells. The dense foam keeps abrasive polish on the surface of the pad. Use the orange foam hand applicator with light swirl removers and polishes.

White Polishing Foam Hand Applicator – The white foam is less dense than the orange, but has enough firmness to aid polishes in cleaning and smoothing the paint. The white foam is best used with prewax cleaners, cleaner waxes, and finishing polishes.

Red UltraSoft Finishing Foam Hand Applicator – The red finishing foam is soft and absorbent. It will spread waxes, sealants, and glazes evenly without producing swirls. The red foam should be used to apply all last step products.

Gold Jewelling Foam Hand Applicator - The gold jewelling foam is designed to apply a final step product such as a very fine polish, glaze, wax or sealant. This pad will increase the gloss and reflective properties of your paint.

CCS Euro Foam Hand Polish Applicators are sized just right for easy handling and optimum surface coverage. Each pad is 6 x 3.75 x 1.25 inches. The generous thickness of each pad enables the user to grip the pad without touching the paint. The 6 inch pads are big enough to cover a lot of surface area yet small enough that the user can apply pressure while polishing.

As an added bonus, the colors of the CCS Euro Foam Hand Polish Applicators allow you to easily avoid cross-contamination of polishes and waxes.

The same CCS Technology found in foam buffing pads is now available in hand applicators! Make hand detailing more effective with the CCS Euro Foam Hand Polish Applicators.

6 x 3.75 x 1.25 inches