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Cyclo Pad Covers (Bonnets)

Cyclo Pad Covers (Bonnets)Give your vehicle twice the shine!

Whether you call them bonnets or pad covers, you’ll love what they can do for your paint! The Cyclo has its own Pad Covers made especially for its 4” pads. The pad covers are made just like traditional bonnets, only smaller. But don’t be fooled by their size – these pad covers work twice as hard on the dual-headed Cyclo! That means twice the shine in half the time!

Cyclo Pad Covers are available in two varieties: microfiber suede and 100% cotton terry cloth. Both varieties are made with a thick elastic cuff to hold them securely in place as you buff. The covers fit directly over any of the Cyclo 4” pads. The pad will provide a cushion between your paint and the pad holder (backing plate) to prevent scratches.

Cyclo Pad Covers come in these two varieties:

Microfiber Suede: This is the softest fabric of the two pad covers. The microfiber is manufactured with a silky 75/25 polyester and polyamide blend. Use this pad cover for final buffing after you have removed the wax residue. It will pick up any remaining dust and gently buff your paint to a glossy shine.

Cotton Terry: The 100% cotton pad cover is ideal for removing dried polishes and waxes, and gentle polishing. The hooked fibers are excellent at removing residue and gently polishing the paint surface. Cyclo also says it can be used to clean interior surfaces.

Since the Cyclo has two heads, you can combine two jobs into one. Put a terry cover over the leading head and a microfiber cover on the other head. The terry cover will remove the haze left by wax or polish while the microfiber cover will buff the paint to a bright shine. This trick will save you time and give you fantastic results!

Accessorize your Cyclo with its own pad covers! They will work twice as hard to give your vehicle a dynamic shine in less time.