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Auto Detailing Tools

Auto Detailing ToolsYou can purchase the best of the best in car care products, but if you don’t have the right detailing tools to apply your goods, they simply won’t do what they’re intended to do. A few years back, this was a much overlooked fact. What detailing tool is used to apply or remove the product is every bit as important to the final outcome as the product itself!

Not a new concept! Imagine something other than the world of car care (gasp!) if you would, such as, let’s say, carpentry. Compare your wax with know-how, your car with the finished product. You have the best carpentry training available (carnauba wax), a designer kitchen to trim out (the latest model Corvette)…what’s missing? The tools to do the job! It may be possible to cut molding with an old-fashioned hand saw, but you’d be much happier with the results if you have a workshop full of Makita, DeWalt and Milwaukee power tools at your disposal. A carpenter is as good as the tools he uses.

Same goes for car care — the best wax, paint sealant, tire dressing or leather conditioner in the world can’t perform to its maximum capacity when applied with the wrong applicator. Here you’ll find the must haves in microfiber, foam pads, detailing brushes, drying towels, buffers and polishers, as well as the goodies extra stuff to make the detailing your ride a whole lot of fun. The right detailing tools will make your job easier, quicker, produce a better outcome and all-around a better experience. No matter what task you wish to perform, no matter how basic or obscure, we have the tried and true tool for you. And, we will only sell quality products that we would use ourselves. Many of these tools are versatile, and you’ll want a second or a third for detailing around the house, RV or boat. We’ve scoured the world for the best of the best in quality and value, and they’re only a click away.

Applicators & Brushes
Sponges & Mitts
Towels, Chamois & Drying Tools
The Grit Guard
Miscellaneous Tools & Neat Stuff
Glass Master Pro Glass and Surface Cleaner
Car Vacuums & Carpet Extractors
Car Buffers, Car Polishers & Pads
Microfiber Towels & Tools
Bulk Prices!
Montana Original Boar’s Hair Wash Brushes
<font color=red><b>Dupray Steam Cleaners</b></font>
Shop-Vac - The Original Wet/Dry Vacuum
Defelsko PosiTest DFT Combo Electronic Paint Thickness Gauge
3M Random Orbital 6 Inch Air Sander - 20325
Kwazar Mercury Pro + Double-Action Spray Bottles
36 Ounce Detail Bottle
Foamaster Foam Wash Gun <font color=red>Free Bonus!</font>
Our price: $5.95
Sale price: $3.95
Pinnacle <font color=red><b>Quart</b></font> Foamaster Foam Gun <font color=red>Free Bonus!</font>
Pinnacle Foam Cannon HP Kit
Wolfgang Foam Cannon HP Kit
Our price: $119.95
Sale price: $99.95
Tornador Z-020 Black Car Cleaning Gun
Tornador Air Blow Out Gun
Pinnacle Z-010 Tornador Car Cleaning Gun
Pinnacle Z-011D Tornador Air Foamer HP
Wolfgang Tornador Car Cleaning Gun
Wolfgang Tornador Air Foamer HP
BLACKFIRE Quart Foamaster Foam Gun <font color=red>FREE BONUS</font>
BLACKFIRE Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer
BLACKFIRE Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer with Double Barrel Extension
BLACKFIRE Z-010 Tornador Car Cleaning Gun
BLACKFIRE Tornador Air Foamer HP
BLACKFIRE Foam Cannon HP Kit
Spraymaster Heavy Duty 32 oz. Spray Bottle
Meguiars Spray Bottles & Dispensers
Meguiars Self Cleaning Dispenser Bottle 16 oz
$7.95, 3/$17.95
$2.95, 3/$7.95
Universal Dispenser Pump
Griot's Garage Finest Sprayer
BLACKFIRE Squeeze Bottle
DP Squeeze Bottle 8 oz.
Pinnacle Squeeze Bottle
Wolfgang Squeeze Bottle 8oz
Our price: $2.45
Sale price: $1.95
Our price: $2.45
Sale price: $1.95