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The Edge Buffing Pads

The Edge Buffing PadsFrom the most innovative company in auto care, a radical new buffing system

Can you change and perfectly center pads in a few seconds? Reach recessed panels and channels with no fear of hitting the paint with a backing plate? With The Edge 2000 you can! An entirely new, high-tech solution for businesses where productivity and quality are a must.

• Switch from the most aggressive cutting pad to a soft polishing pad in a few seconds.

The Edge 2000 Buffing Pads

Patented beveled profile makes it easy to buff almost anywhere on any car: under mirrors, in grooves, and other areas you once had to hand-buff.

Unique snap-lock connection lets you switch pads in a few seconds. Simply press the release button on the adapter (pictured at right) and pop off the pad. Snap a new pad on in one step. Incredibly fast!

Strong, top-quality Edge foam pads save you money! One double-sided Edge foam pad lasts at least twice as long as ordinary single pads— yet costs less than two 1-sided pads. The Edge makes good economic sense.

If you’re not familiar with The Edge Pads, you don’t know what you’re missing! With two usable sides, these pads give you twice the pad for your money. They require no backing plate so you have one less dangerous edge to avoid. The pads are sturdy to compensate for the lack of a backing plate, yet they are clear coat safe. The Edge Pads are available in five levels of abrasiveness so you always have the right pad for the job.

The Edge Black pad is a heavy cut pad used for heavily oxidized or pitted finishes, removes wet sand scratches. Very aggressive cutting pad, works fast while reducing risk of burning(only available in a 8 inch). This dense pad has 40 pores per inch.

The Edge Yellow Pad is a medium-cut pad used for light oxidation and moderate to severe swirls and imperfections. It works wonders on older vehicles with neglected paint. Use it to apply a swirl remover or a polishing compound to blend away moderate imperfections. This dense pad has 50 pores per inch.

The Edge Green Pad is a light-cut pad intended for removing light to moderate swirls and imperfections. This versatile pad works well with light swirl removers and is clear coat safe. Start with this pad if you are unsure how deep your swirls are. This pad has 60 pores per inch.

The Edge Blue Finishing Pad is an everyday, nonabrasive pad for product application. It will apply pre-wax cleaner or wax in a thin coat without abrading the clear coat. Light blemishes will disappear and your paint will appear smooth and uniform. This softer pad has 70 pores per inch.

The Edge White Ultrafine Polishing Pad is a soft, smooth pad that contains 80 pores per inch. It delivers a beautiful, glossy finish when used to apply wax, polish, and sealant. This pad is safe on clear coats.