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Clay Bars & Intense Cleaners

Clay Bars & Intense CleanersWashing alone does not remove all the contaminants from your paint. Things like rail dust, brake dust, sand, salt, bug splatter, and tar can actually become embedded in your clear coat. Many well-intentioned detailers reach for a polish to restore the smoothness to the paint, but polishing often doesn’t completely remove the pollution and it unnecessarily removes minute layers of clear coat.

Detailing clay or a spot cleaner will remove stubborn contaminants without removing clear coat or paint. We offer clay from several different manufacturers so you can find your favorite. To make your choice easy, there are several kits that include everything you need to clean your paint deep down.

Detailing Clay Guide
Bug & Tar Removal
Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay
Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay PLUS Special
Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay <font color=red>Special</font>
Blackfire Poly Clay Bar
Our price: $39.95
Sale price: $33.95
Our price: $51.95
Sale price: $29.95
Blackfire Clay Lubricant
Blackfire Clay Cleaner & Extender
BLACKFIRE Poly Clay & Lubricant Combo
Our price: $48.95
Sale price: $34.95
XMT Ultra Fine Swirl Remover  #1
XMT Fine Swirl Remover #2
XMT Intermediate Swirl Remover  #3
Pinnacle XMT Light Swirl Remover <b>Intro</b> Kit
Pinnacle XMT Intermediate Swirl Remover <b>Intro</b> Kit
Dodo Juice Born Slippy Clay Lubricant Concentrate
Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Bar
Wolfgang Clay Lubricant
Ultima Elastrofoam Paint Cleaning System
Wolfgang Porter Cable XP Swirl-Free Kit  <font color=red><b>FREE BONUS INCLUDED</font></b>
Wolfgang™ Total Swirl Remover Kit  3.0
Wolfgang Duo 3.0, 16 oz.
Retail Cost: $335.89
Our Price: $299.95
Retail Value $167.75
Our Price $129.95
Wolfgang Polishin’ Pal Clay Kit
Wolfgang Clay Combo
Paintwork Clay Pad
Retail Value $98.55
Our Price $59.95
Our price: $19.95
Sale price: $17.95, 2/$29.95
Clay Disc for the Polishin’ Pal - Discs Only
Pinnacle Clay Lube
DP Universal Clay Lubricant
DP Universal Detailing Clay
DP Cleanse-All Exterior Cleaner
Pinnacle XMT Speed Clay
Pinnacle XMT Speed Clay Lube
XMT Speed Clay Bundle
Sonus Glyde Clay Lubricant 16.9 oz.
Our price: $50.95
Sale price: $42.95
Sonus SFX Ultra-Fine Detailing Clay - 2 Bars
Sonus ALL-IN-1 Total Auto Cleaner Concentrate 16.9 oz
1Z einszett All Purpose Industrial Cleaner
CarPro Iron X Iron Remover 500 ml.
3M Perfect-It III Cleaner Clay - 38070
Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit MG1016
Our price: $25.99
Sale price: $23.50
Meguiars Professional Mild Detailing Clay C2000
Griot's Garage Glass Cleaning Clay
Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay
Griot's Garage Speed Shine Detailer 35 oz.
303 Aerospace Cleaner
Clean Air® High Performance Air Quality Products
Stoner Tarminator
Stoner  XENIT Natural Citrus Mold Cleaner
32 oz. Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine
$5.95, 3/$14.95
$5.95, 3/$14.95
Our price: $15.95
Sale price: $14.95
Meguiars D108 Super Degreaser Concentrate
Meguiars D101 All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate
Meguiars M0916 Swirl Remover 16oz.
Our price: $19.95
Sale price: $16.95
Our price: $19.95
Sale price: $16.95
Our price: $14.95
Sale price: $10.95
Meguiars M0416 Heavy-Cut Cleaner 16oz.
Meguiars M0316 Professional Machine Glaze 16oz.
Meguiars M8232 Swirl Free Polish 32oz.
Our price: $11.95
Sale price: $9.50
Our price: $12.95
Sale price: $11.50
Our price: $21.95
Sale price: $16.50
Meguiars M0216 Fine Cut Cleaner 16oz.
Meguiars G10307 SCRATCH X 2.0 <font color=red>New Formula!</font>
3M Advanced Rubbing Compound - 39002
Our price: $12.95
Sale price: $10.50
Our price: $10.95
Sale price: $7.50
3M One Step Cleaner Wax - Light Oxidation Remover - 39006
3M Perfect-It II Foam Polishing Pad Glaze - Dark - 39009
3M Finesse-It II Machine Polish - 39003
Mothers California Gold Clay Bar Paint Saving System - 2 Clay Bars
Mothers California Gold Scratch Remover
Wurth A/C & Heating System Treatment
Chemical Guys Luber Clay Lubricant 16 oz.
Chemical Guys Grime Reaper All Purpose Cleaner 16 oz.
Prima Glide Clay Lubricant 16 oz.
Speedy Surface Prep Towel
Detailer’s Speedy Surface Prep Towel Combo
Our price: $69.90
Sale price: $64.95