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Meguiars Plastic Care

Meguiars Plastic CareRestore the shine and clarity to your clear plastic surfaces!

After all these years in the car care industry, Meguiar’s knows how to clean and maintain every material that goes into a vehicle. That includes the clear plastic that comprises headlights and convertible top windows. These surfaces can become cloudy and dull over time. They require special maintenance to keep them looking new so Meguiar’s put together their #17 Clear Plastic Cleaner and #10 Clear Plastic Polish for fool-proof maintenance of clear plastic.

Meguiar’s #17 Clear Plastic Cleaner gently cleans grime and dirt on the surface and out of hairline scratches. These tiny scratches are much more noticeable when they are filled with dirt, so they virtually disappear when they are cleaned. The cleaner will not contribute to any new scratches and is even safe on the soft plastic of convertible windows.

After you’ve cleaned with #17, use #10 Plastic Polish for an incredibly clear surface. The polish contains transparent fillers that fill in scratches and round the edges of minor imperfections so they disappear. No haze will appear and no new scratches. Your headlights will be crystal clear and your convertible top windows will look like new with Meguiar’s Clear Plastic Kit.

You can use these products separately, but you will not get the same fantastic results. Proper care requires a quality cleaner and polish for unparalleled clarity. Meguiar’s two part system will renew your clear plastic surfaces and preserve the visibility of convertible top windows with ease.

Buy #17 Clear Plastic Cleaner and #10 Clear Plastic Polish separately or save money when you buy them together.

Get the most out of your Meguiar’s #17 and #10 by applying them with Mother’s PowerBall. The professional grade foam tabs are perfect for restoring clarity to hazy plastic. Use the PowerBall with your drill or polisher to remove fine scratches, yellowing, stains, and haze from clear plastic convertible top windows, motorcycle windscreens, boat windshields and portholes, and headlight lens covers.

Each is an 8 oz. bottle.

Meguiars M1708 Clear Plastic Cleaner 8oz.
Meguiars M1008 Clear Plastic Polish #10
Our price: $12.95
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Our price: $12.95
Sale price: $7.50
Meguiars #17 & #10 MG1017 (both products)
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